Underground Tour

This tour was created as an idea to get know, visit and experience Pula, not as a tourist but as a traveler who wants to explore the city just as it is.

With a tourist guide who doesn’t just gives you information. He’ll show you places and tell you things you can’t find on the internet. He will get you closer what looks like a day in Pula, take you to the bars where you will feel comfortable and get to know new interesting people. Stories that are not written anywhere but live through people who are this city.

We’ll try to give you a picture of life and situation in the country, what we love, what are we fighting against and why do we think it makes sense. In the most beautiful places in the city, those who have the soul.

  • Sightseeing and exploring “Rojc”. Former military building and today’s social center named after the hero of the Second World War – Karlo Rojc. Here you can find various associations that have revitalized this space with their effort and creativity. Today, there is 106 of them in the same building. Sometimes when you enter in the yard, you can hear the sounds of the instruments, see girls and boys on their skateboards, you’ll be thrilled by graffiti and many more great stories
  • Visit the most interesting and hidden places in the center of Pula
  • We take you to our best bars to get same coffee, beer or most important: rakija
  • Lunch in an old small place in the center of the city

Welcome to the underground.