RT Kamenjak Tour

A day trip to Kamenjak is created with intention to merge education, recreation, and entertainment. This is a place you must see if you are staying in Pula.

Pula railway station with its own emotion is the starting point for those who decide to take this tour. The tour takes place from 10: 00-18: 00 h.

First stop (if there is interest) is a house of nature in the center of Premantura, where we meet the wildlife of Cape Kamenjak.

At the moment you see Cape Kamenjak, you’ll be thrilled wit it’s stunning beauty. We have a surprise for you. Explore the whole place by a military truck. Your car will stay clean and you will get a great summer experience. Our truck is driving there for all day, you can get off the truck whenever you like… take a

swim on beautiful beaches, explore the place… And every one hour, the truck passes again so you can go somewhere else.

We take you to see the trail of dinosaurs, to the Beach Bar Njive in the beautiful cove with pine tree forest. Visitors are provided with free vouchers (three) for a sandwich, a drink, and an ice cream. Visitors receive a discount for the rental of sun loungers of 50% and 20% for the rental of canoes.