Deserted Pula Tour

If you want to visit Pula without having many people around you, you don’t  want to be on other people photos…  Or if you don’t have a selfie stick, this is a perfect excursion for you.

We start from the Pula railway station with bikes. There you can hear a story about this beautiful station, city history, and many more interesting things.

During the last two hundred years, Pula has been a military town with one of the most protected ports in the Adriatic. The Austro – Hungarian monarchy has made it the largest war harbor. There were built on hundreds of military facilities, enclosed and separated from the eyes of ordinary citizens. Pula is no longer a military town. The huge expanse of former military spaces, forts, and warehouses are abandoned and neglected. Some of these places have played important roles in the modern history of Pula, but nature is ruthless, takes back what people neglect. Take an exciting bike ride to the hidden places of the harbor, from Vallelunga, Katarina to the Zonchi bay and see the remains of once powerful place losing the battle against Mediterranean vegetation.

A trip is recommended early in the morning or late afternoon. It is also possible to rent bicycles in our arrangement.