RailWay Tour

If you like trains this is a perfect experience for you. You will discover small istrian villages driving in a colorful train (a work by ograffiti artists under the cover of the night).

In Pazin, we will visit a small museum of a former railway worker, who collected and exhibited his memories and stories after 40 years of work.

Next is the tour of Pazin, medieval Kaštel, beautiful Pazin pit where’s also possible to go on a zip line. After all those activities, we suppose you’ll be hungry so we take you to the lunch in the agrotourism Dušani (1.5 km from Pazin).

“Since then, so many trains have passed this line. Out of those romantic sets with wooden benches in wagons and steam heaters coming from steam locomotives, up to the most modern diesel engine trains with air conditioning, loudspeakers, and very comfortable seats, even sleeping wagons.

Certainly, amongst all the trains that transported the most diverse people, Tito’s Blue Train, which has been through this line many times, takes a special place. Unlike other passenger wagons that were mostly olive-green at that time, the locomotives and wagons of this train were characterized by a blue color. That’s why he was named the Blue Train and is popularly called the Train of peace. ”

Remembrance of a Rail Employee – Ivan Brajković