Oldtimer tour

Take a drive in legendary reconstructed oldtimers with Izidor, Damir and Dario. They gave their time, love and hard work to restore the glow of the cars. They are on the streets of  Pula today, returning memories of passengers and most important, still having fun.

The most popular car in Yugoslavia was Zastava 750 called Fićo. Production began in 1962, and the vehicle was a close-up copy of Fiat 600 D. The first models were special by the fact that the door was opened from the front, not the current system on the back. Generations grew up with this car, and many today’s drivers have had their first experiences and hours of driving right there. It was produced until 1986. Except Fićo, it was produced more luxurious models such as Zastava 101 popular called Stojadin.

Sightseeing takes an hour. You’ll see the most interesting parts of Pula in unforgettable old timers, cars with a story. Izidor, Damir i Dario will tell you the whole one.