Underground Tour

This tour was created as an idea to get know, visit and experience Pula, not as a tourist but as a traveler who wants to explore the city just as it is.

With a tourist guide who doesn’t just gives you information. He’ll show you places and tell you things you can’t find on the internet. He will get you closer what looks like a day in Pula, take you to the bars where you will feel comfortable and get to know new interesting people. Stories that are not written anywhere but live through people who are this city. Read more!


RT Kamenjak Tour

A day trip to Kamenjak is created with intention to merge education, recreation, and entertainment. This is a place you must see if you are staying in Pula.

Pula railway station with its own emotion is the starting point for those who decide to take this tour. The tour takes place from 10: 00-18: 00 h. Read more!

Pula Fortification Tour

Pula Fortification Tour originated as an idea of several enthusiasts and their great desire to preserve and revive the stories and places from the time when Pula was the main naval port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Shipyard Uljanik was created during this period, there were over 100 boats anchored in the port, and the city was guarded by fifty mighty fortresses and more than 300 various artillery posts. Read more!

Deserted Pula Tour

If you want to visit Pula without having many people around you, you don’t  want to be on other people photos…  Or if you don't have a selfie stick, this is a perfect excursion for you.

We start from the Pula railway station with bikes. There you can hear a story about this beautiful station, city history, and many more interesting things. Read more!