Hidden Istria

In this excursion, we take you to the less known places in Istria, beautiful but not on the main tourist routes. It’s recommended for people who like nature and adventures. Read more!


RailWay Tour

If you like trains this is a perfect experience for you. You will discover small istrian villages driving in a colorful train (a work by ograffiti artists under the cover of the night). In Pazin, we will visit a small museum of a former railway worker, who collected and exhibited his memories and stories after 40 years of work. Read more!

Medieval Istria

After the disintegration of the Roman Empire began the Middle Ages that left a deep seal in Istrian history. After the brief conduct of Goth, Byzantine, Langobard, and Franks, the Aquilean Patriarchate of Istria was divided between the Venetian Republic and the Habsburgs who lead it until the end of the 1st - century war. Read more!