Military Truck Taxi “PremanTURA” drives again

Transport of visitors at Kamenjak in a military truck taxi, designed on the principle of a tourist train so that tourists and other passengers, along with sightseeing and exploring the landscape, have a fast and new way of being transported from one point to another at Kamenjak. The starting point is the parking lot at…

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Deserted Pula tour

If you want to visit Pula without having many people around you, you don’t  want to be on other people photos…  Or if you don’t have a selfie stick, this is a perfect excursion for you. Take an exciting bike ride to the hidden places of the harbor.

Medieval Istria

After the disintegration of the Roman Empire began the Middle Ages that left a deep seal in Istrian history. After the brief conduct of Goth, Byzantine, Langobard, and Franks, the Aquilean Patriarchate of Istria was divided between the Venetian Republic and the Habsburgs who lead it until the end of the 1st – century war….

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Oldtimer tour

Zastava 101 is the most successful model of the Yugoslav auto-industry. It is manufactured in a much larger number compared to the “Fićo” and “Yugo”, and its place in the history of cars is also the originator of the Golf Class. The preserved specimens on our roads from the seventies to the early 1980s are…

Rt Kamenjak Tour

A day trip to Kamenjak created in the desire to merge education, recreation, and entertainment. This is a place you must see if you are staying in Pula. At the moment you see Cape Kamenjak, you’ll be thrilled wit it’s stunning beauty. We have a surprise for you. Explore the whole place by a military truck.

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Hidden Istria

(Hrvatski) Na ovom izletu vodimo vas na manje poznata mjesta u Istri koja plijene pažnju svojom ljepotom i ne nalaze se na glavnim turističkim rutama. preporuča se istinskim ljubiteljima prirode i zaljubljenicima u avanture.

Where to eat healthy: Zelena – local vegan raw organic food store

“Zelena” is a local, vegan and organic food store, located in the heart of Pula, near by the city’s market. In addition to local organic Istrian products, a significant part of products are made by the Zelena team – such as various vegan dips and spreads, vegan cheeses, raw tortillas, salads, cold pressed juices and…

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Underground tour

This tour was created as an idea to get know, visit and experience Pula, not as a tourist but as a traveler who wants to explore the city just as it is.

Pula Fortification tour

Pula Fortification Tour originated as an idea of several enthusiasts and their great desire to preserve and revive the stories and places from the time when Pula was the main naval port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The trip includes a tour of the forts Grosso, Valmaggiore, Zonchi and Punta Christo by a military truck and on foot through the pine forest with expert guidance of a guide and historian.

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RailWay tour

(Hrvatski) Ako volite vlakove i vožnju kroz živopisna sela, ovo je izlet koji će vas oduševiti. Vodimo vas na kratko putovanje šarenim vlakom koje su iscrtali grafiteri pod okriljem noći. Kao i svako mjesto na svijetu, i ova mala istarska nose svoje zanimljive i hrabre priče, koje ćete moći saznati na putu do Pazina.